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Housing Innovation From Around The World

SAN DIEGO – Ted Smith talks about his ‘Go-Homes’ for young architects to share


MONTREAL – Avi Friedman talks about his ‘Grow Home’ – an adaptable home as your household changes


VALENCIA – Vicente Guallart’s ‘Sharing Tower’


TOKYO – Azby Brown talks about his work studying small homes in Tokyo


TOKYO – Tomoyuki Utsumi talks about work designing homes that respond directly to population change


HONG KONG – 330 sq ft apartment with up to 24 different rooms


LONDON – Pocket Living


VIENNA – The Pool House: temporary living


SEATTLE – mini ‘apodments’ for young single adults


SAN JOSE – new Single Room Occupancy Units


BOSTON – Innovation District Micro-Units


Other Links


CHPC’s One Size Fits Some Symposium 2009


Urban Omnibus – Making Room


Urban Omnibus – One Size Fits Some


Urban Omnibus – Bringing Basements to Code


Azby Brown – TED talk on space and design


Graham Hill – TED talk: Less Stuff More Happiness


Ellen Pader – Housing Occupancy Standards essay