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  2. Hidden Housing: RE:Mx

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    The conversion (Re:Mx) of an industrial / manufacturing building in Astoria, Queens. The ground floor is preserved as broadly defined manufacturingor flex space with housing above on the upper floors and roof. Because the housing is organized around a courtyard from which it gets light and air, the existing fa├žade remains intact. A typical unit […] Full Article

  3. Hidden Housing: Ravensnest

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    This project takes its name from Ravenswood, the public housing across the street from its site in Astoria, Queens. It is a seven-story alternative to future Tower development. Every two floors share a large common lobby like a living room with a common laundry, large outdoor balconies and various internal ones. This central space is […] Full Article

  4. Hidden Housing: Local Addition

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    Local Addition is the transformation of a single family home with six new accessory dwelling units. The pink “barnacles” represent additional volume that both accommodates new occupancy and aggrandizes the house. The total of 7 units at 3700sf remains well under the permitted FAR of 1.5. The six new accessory dwelling units reveal a puzzle […] Full Article