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  1. Unpacking the Home: Urban Cabins

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    Inwood A new model for single room occupancy and shared loft spaces The Urban Cabin (or Urban Kibbutz) combines an existing parking garage base with five additional levels of new-build housing. The housing levels are sandwiched between a greened roof and a garden level on the roof of the existing structure, which becomes commercial and […] Full Article

  2. Stan Allen & Rafi Segal

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    Stan Allen Architect Rafi Segal Architecture Urbanism

  3. Unpacking the Home: Under One Roof, Whitestone, Queens

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    Re-thinking the detached single family house for an extended family The roof of the traditional single-family house is extended into the depth of the lot to create a continuous multi-pitched roof structure, encompassing three individual but related units. While maintaining the existing fa├žade towards the street, the house typology is transformed. The existing typology of […] Full Article

  4. Unpacking the Home: 3 for 2

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    MIDTOWN, MANHATTAN Re-using the 1960s office tower Using the prototypical structure of the 1960s office building, this proposal transforms underutilized commercial space to residential apartments and shared facilities. Two floors of the buildings outer structural bays are converted to three new residential levels, taking advantage of the discrepancy in floor heights between commercial and residential […] Full Article